3 x Menora Glass Cups 2'S With Candles

  • BEAUTIFUL GLASS HOLDER WITH CANDLES: Get your candles ready for display with these Neironim cups that include a wax candle for instant lighting on Shabbos, Chanukah, or any other occasion.
  • SUPER SAFE COMPOSITION: Our holders are designed to hold small Neironim candles, and the premium glass minimizes the chance of accidents for all guests and family members in your own household.
  • GREAT DURABILITY: Made using top quality glass material, you are sure to be getting the highest quality candle holders that won’t easily shatter and leave dangerous broken shards on your floor.
  • REUSABLE FOR ANY NEED: When your candle has run out and melted, our cups can easily be washed out and refilled with a brand new candle anytime you need to save you money and time.

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