Annies 100% Fruit Bars 25 Pack 500g

$22.99 $27.49

The classic fruit bars have been a favourite for over 30 years.

The entire ingredients list for Annies Fruit Bars is in the name.

100% fruit. Annies fruit snacks are made by taking whole fruit, pulping it, then air-drying it. Simple as that. All ingredients are in the name. There is nothing but fruit.
No concentrates, no added sugar, no sulphites, no gluten, no dairy, no preservatives, no tree nuts or peanuts, no numbers, no nasties.

Just whole apples (from New Zealand) and the best fruit we can find. Yum!

Single Package includes:

5X20g Apple & Boysenberry
5X20g Apple & Apricot
5X20g Apple & Strawberry
5X20g Apple & Raspberry
5X20g Apple & Mango

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