2 x Osem Consomme Chicken Soup Mix Passover 400G


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  • Savory chicken flavored consomme powder
  • Perfect base for any soup or cooking. Create instant chicken stock flavoring and use in any dish calling for chicken stock
  • Tasty way to enhance any dish - Use as seasoning for any dish to add some chicken flavor. Great with rice, vegatables, meats and more!
  • Kosher for Passover, parve, No food coloring, no preservatives, no cholesterol, gluten free.

Ingredients: salt, potato starch, msg, sugar, palm oil, dextrose, onion powder, dehydrated celery, yeast extract, artificial flavours, dehydrated parsley, citric acid, black pepper, turmeric extract, rosemary extract.

allergens: contains celery.

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