3 x Sniders Super Fine Matzo Flour 375G

  • QUICK AND EASY: Enjoy making food quick and easy with Sniders year round matzo meal. This additive makes cooking faster, easier, and more delicious.
  • GREAT IN ALL RECIPES: This year round product is great for using in soups, making matzo balls, using as a coating for fish and meat, and making the best potato pancakes around. Choose Sniders and see what real indulgence is all about.
  • HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS: This Matzo Meal is made with the best quality ingredients to ensure your food experience is one you can love. This product is made by grinding Matzo into tiny pieces for another useful option to your cooking.
  • CONTAINS WHEAT: This product is made from wheat based ingredients.
  • KOSHER FOR PASSOVER: This Matzo meal is Kosher for Passover. Enjoy this product ALL year round, including the Passover Holiday.

Ingredients: Flour, water.

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