OREO Mini Chocolate Sandwich Cookies Original Flavour 12 x Big Bags 85g Each


Milk’s Favorite Cookie—Miniaturized OREO Mini Chocolate Sandwich Cookies pack the classic flavor you love into perfect bites for easy snacking, enjoying by the handful, or even topping your favorite ice cream. OREO Minis are grabbable, snackable, and forever dunkable. If you long for the classic taste of childhood, they’re just waiting to tease your taste buds. Twist ‘em, dunk ‘em, share ‘em, or enjoy them all on your own. OREO cookies are the perfect anytime snack—with or without a glass of ice cold milk. This bulk package contains twelve 3 oz Big Bags. A Taste of Nostalgia Do you remember your first dunk? Create memorable snack moments with little ones, or summon smiles all around as older kids dream up fun OREO cookie stack experiments. Every crispy, chocolatey, creamy bite is a chance to relive a sweet time in your life or carry on a delightfully delicious tradition. The Cookie That Connects Classic OREO cookies were first introduced over 100 years ago in New York City. Today, people of all ages all across the globe enjoy the joy and wonder of OREO cookies. This iconic sandwich cookie has become synonymous with connections. The combination of two delicious sensations—rich chocolate cookies and smooth sweet creme—helps bring people together. Made for sharing, OREO cookies are a welcome addition to any party or gathering. Be a playdate or post-game hero when you come prepared with individually wrapped OREO snack packs, or simply savor them as an afternoon indulgence. Add OREO Minis to your favorite OREO dessert recipes to keep family and friends coming back for more. Enjoy OREO cookies Anytime & Anywhere Stock up with this bulk box of OREO cookies to keep your pantry prepared for the after-school rush, or ship them to that busy and beloved college student. There’s no end to the whens, wheres, and hows you can snack on the inimitable OREO. Add this bulk package of OREO Mini Chocolate Sandwich Cookies to your cart for everyday occasions, recipes, and playful moments.


  • Packable, snackable, and forever dunkable, OREO Minis make for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, shareable snack, or sweet treat.
  • Each serving of cookies is only 100 calories and Kosher, made with real cocoa, and has zero trans fats.
  • Great for gatherings, lunchboxes, road trips, and more. Everyones favorite cookie will sweeten the day for family, friends and colleagues, or just for yourself!
  • Nothing compares to the iconic OREO. The original combo of cream sandwiched between two chocolate cookies has been winning hearts (and stomachs) for over 100 years.
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